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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Grain Free Pecan Cereal

You will not believe how simple and delicious this is!  There are only three ingredients and they combine perfectly to create a "cereal" you can enjoy eating with a spoon!  If you soak and then dry out the pecans beforehand they will be easier to digest.  I soak mine overnight when I get them home from the store, then dehydrate them until they are crispy, and then store them in a mason jar in the fridge until I want to use them.

You can use any type of milk that you want for this.  I think that almond milk tastes especially good with the pecans.  If you don't have almonds for making your own almond milk on hand, I recommend Whole Foods Organic 365 Unsweetened Almond Milk because it has the least amount of additives.

Ingredients (I used all organic):
Pecans - as much as you would like
Raisins - as much as you would like
Almond Milk

Break up the pecans into small pieces with your hands.
Place all ingredients together into a bowl.
Enjoy your cereal!!

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