Eating foods that vibrate in harmony with themselves, our bodies and nature will help us to heal and to thrive.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Raw Chocolate Nutty Candy


YUM!!!! I made these for Thanksgiving dessert and they were a huge hit with my son and my husband! The recipe comes from Mimi Kirk's Live Raw cookbook, which is my current favorite cookbook. I left out the coconut and they were still delicious. As they are raw, you get all of the nutritional benefits from the cacao, walnuts, and dates. And I put the extra raw chocolate into the freezer and made candy bars!
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Strawberry Banana Smoothie

You can still enjoy creamy smoothies even without dairy! I used almond milk as a base and added frozen organic strawberries, and one organic banana and mixed it all up in the blender. You could also use coconut milk or other types of nut milk as a base. No need to add sweetner when you are using fruits.
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Not Cheese Cheesy Popcorn


This is so delicious and my son loves it! Simply pop some organic popcorn in an air popper. Place the popped corn in a bowl and pour some olive oil over it. Not too much, just enough to get a little bit on each piece. Add some salt to your liking, and then sprinkle with nutritional yeast. It tastes like cheesy popcorn! The nutritional yeast adds nice B vitamins, too!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Mint Nib Macaroons

My friend, Alissa, is a raw foods chef. Here she is teaching how to make delicious looking mint nib macaroons! And she's got a plug for my new healing book at the beginning and the end. Check out her other uncooking videos, too: