Eating foods that vibrate in harmony with themselves, our bodies and nature will help us to heal and to thrive.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Vegan Chocolate Dipped Strawberries


YUM!!! I dipped these beautiful, organic strawberries into a chocolate pudding I had made out of the following:
cacao powder
I mixed the ingredients in a food processor and just kept tasting until I had the right amount of cacao and agave. It's so delicious on its own, but when you mix it with strawberries, it is unbelievable!
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Grain Free Granola


This is my new favorite breakfast or snack. It is delicious and simple!
Smush one banana with a fork.
Add some cinammon - a few sprinkles to taste
Add some berries of your choice
Break up and add some walnuts or pecans (preferably soaked and then dehydrated for easier digestion)
You can even add a little vanilla if you want.
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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Grain Free Wraps


These are the BEST grain free, raw wraps!!! I love them so much! They are delicious and sweet,full of coconut nutrition and goodness. You can find them online at raw foods sites.
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