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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Not Quite Mac N Cheese


As something different from the traditional heavy dairy laden macaroni and cheese, I made this for my son the other day. It's brown rice penne with shredded carrots and parmesan cheese. That's it! Just make the pasta, and then shred some carrots and parmesan over it and serve! It was the first time my son has been willing to eat carrots, so I call it a success. Maybe it's because they look like cheese!
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Shrimp, White Beans, and Greens


Here's a new dinner creation I came up with today that was so simple and so delicious! At my house, I'm the only one who eats my dinner creations, so I just make them for one person. Of course, everyone likes the desserts and breads! You can use as much shrimp, beans, and greens as you want depending on how many are eating.

2 tblspns coconut oil (the yummy kind, not expeller pressed)
3 or 4 green onions
white beans
sea salt
collard greens

Melt the coconut oil in a pan. Add some chopped green onions, mostly the white parts. After about two minutes, add desired amount of shrimp.
Cook for a few minutes over medium low heat. Then, add some white beans. I cooked my own beans, but you could use canned.
Cook together for a few minutes. Add some sea salt and pepper. Then, add some chopped collard greens and cook for two or so minutes more.

That's it! It's delicious, healthy, fast and easy! Enjoy!
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